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Mask accessories for sleep apnoea therapy

ResMed’s accessories are a good option for patients wishing to refresh, replace or upgrade their CPAP therapy equipment. Our range of lifestyle-focused accessories can make it easier for patients to adjust to sleep apnoea therapy.

NV Elbow F20
An NV elbow to convert the AirFit and AirTouch F20 into non-vented full face masks.

Product code:
1 elbow (64001)

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CPAP mask cleansing wipes
A fast and convenient way to clean ResMed CPAP masks

Product codes:
62 wipes (61918)
14 wipes (61919)

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Gecko nasal pad
An accessory designed to help alleviate mask discomfort

Product codes:
 1 pk – S (61912)
 1 pk – L (61913)
10 pk – S (61916)
 10 pk – L (61917)

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Chin restraint
Minimises or prevents air loss through the mouth during CPAP and bilevel therapy with a nasal mask

Product code: 16015

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Contour CPAP pillow
& pillow covers

Helps patients sleep more comfortably when wearing a CPAP mask

Product code: 7073881

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How to buy

Please contact our Customer Service department or your local representative for more information on obtaining ResMed products.

Explore types of masks for sleep and respiratory therapy

For patients who like the streamlined design of nasal pillows but prefer slightly more coverage over the nose, nasal masks are a popular option. 


Patients seeking the streamlined fit and clear field of vision of a nasal pillows mask can choose from several lightweight styles.


Full face sleep apnoea masks feature a superior seal and fit, delivering proven performance. ResMed full face masks continue to get smaller, lighter and more comfortable without sacrificing coverage and stability.


Please refer to the user guides for relevant information related to any warnings and precautions to be considered before and during use of the products.