AirFit™ P10

Minimalist nasal pillows mask for sleep apnoea patients

For those of your sleep apnoea patients who seek simplicity in CPAP therapy. Made with a minimalist design, it offers a wide field of vision and can be a suitable option for claustrophobic patients. The nasal pillows provide a solid seal1 and a feeling of stability during the night.

Product codes: AirFit P10 (62901), AirFit P10 for Her (62911)

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Discreet design, uncompromising CPAP efficiency

A minimalist design makes for a wide field of vision and eliminates the risk of irritation to your patients’ nasal bridge. A nasal pillows cushion provides a sense of mask stability and an effective seal1.

CPAP mask that’s quick and easy to fit and use

With only three component parts, the AirFit P10 can be fitted rapidly and easily1. Elasticated, adjustable headgear makes it suitable for a wide range of head-shapes and exists in a For Her version for tailored CPAP therapy experience for your sleep apnoea patients.

A quiet and discreet CPAP mask

The woven-mesh vent makes the mask as quiet as a whisper at 21dBA2, limiting disturbance for your patients and their bed partners.

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Supporting your patients

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  1. ResMed external 7-night clinical study of 21 ResMed patients, on previous version conducted between 09/05/2013 – 04/06/2013. Data on file; ID A2965853.

  2. Sound power level of 21 dBA – refer to AirFit P10 user guide.