AirFit N20 Classic

Nasal mask with forehead support

Nasal mask with adaptive frame featuring flexible forehead support. Alongside the core technologies of the 20 series, the AirFit N20 Classic delivers auto-adjusting mask tension. The InfinitySeal silicone cushion accommodates patient movement.
Product codes: S (63710), M (63711), L (63712)

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InfinitySeal fit technology


Regardless of face shape or size, the InfinitySeal silicone cushion provides a secure fit and flexible seal.

The silicone cushion moves comfortably with you throughout the night thanks to its uniquely contoured design.

Freedom and flexibility


The adaptive frame features flexible forehead support. This provides stability and adjusts mask tension in response to movement, without compromising mask seal.

A reliable choice for every patient


The AirFit N20 Classic delivers forehead support in addition to the core technologies that define the 20 series family. This easy-to-wear mask will transform your patient’s experience of sleep therapy.

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