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Narval: 100% digital

By integrating intra-oral scanning (IOS) into the existing computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) process, Narval CC can now be made 100% digitally.

Our intra-oral scanning partners

The fully digital manufacturing process for the Narval appliance requires the use of one of our partners’ scanners:

From IOS to CAD/CAM: understand the Narval digital workflow

1. Scan upper and lower arches and proceed to bite registration

2. Send scans to ResMed via the scanner platform

3. Create your Narval Easy account and order the Narval appliance online

4. ResMed design (CAD) and manufacture (CAM) your patient’s appliance

5. Receive the appliance in just 10 working days!










Take advantage of IOS technology


Faster turnaround

Receive your patient’s Narval appliance in just 10 working days!


Reliable scans

Digital impression eliminate the risk that imprint material will expand during transportation

Narval-cc-fully-digital-save-time -ResMed

Time cost efficiency

Highly accurate IOS for better device fitting1 resulting in less adjustment time and less chair time overall


Simplified logistics

Streamline logistics by eliminating the burden of posting impressions and archiving physical models 


Improved patient data management

Access all your patients’ files at any time from your computer


ResMed live assistance

ResMed will provide free assistance for your first three cases to ensure you have good quality scans before your patients even leave the chair.

Take advantage of Narval CAD/CAM technology

Thanks to CAD/CAM, Narval appliance design can easily be customised. Standardised processes and digital technology deliver high-quality appliances. Our CAD software simulates mandibular movements and calculates the retention forces and distribution for each patient. Devices are light but designed to be strong and durable4.

The Narval CC appliance produced using a CAD/CAM process is more effective in reducing AHI than a non-CAD/CAM MRD5.

Positive results from European evaluations1,2


Easy handling

98% of practitioners judged the scanning process to be convenient or very convenient2


High satisfaction

92% of dentists were satisfied or very satisfied with Narval appliances made from digital impressions1


Chair time optimisation

81% of Narval appliances made from digital impressions fitted well without any adjustments1


Patient comfort

92% of patients found the Narval appliance to be comfortable or very comfortable.1 Only 6% experienced a gag reflex2

Please refer to the user guide for relevant information related to any warnings and precautions to be considered before and during use of the product.


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        • In 92% of cases, the practitioner was satisfied or very satisfied with the device (N=40).
        • In 61% of cases the device was judged to fit better than other appliances made with physical impressions (N=36).  
        • 81% of the devices fitted well without any adjustment (N=102).
        • 93% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied with their device (N=40). 
        • 92% of patients judged their device comfortable or very comfortable (N=92). 
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    Extracts from this ResMed internal report: 

    • In 98% of cases the practitioner found the scanning process convenient or very convenient (N=47). 
    • A gag reflex was reported in 6% of cases (N=53). 
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