Home sleep testing and diagnostic solutions

Our ultimate goal is to help the millions of undiagnosed sleep apnoea patients get the treatment they need. ResMed’s comprehensive diagnostic solutions empower sleep labs to use home sleep testing to screen more patients while compatible software efficiently manages each step of the diagnostic process.

Home sleep testing

ApneaLink Air

Connected portable easy-to-use home sleep screening device

Nox T3s

Polygraph with sleep time estimation

Lab Testing

TxLink 2

Titration network device for remote control

Nox A1s

Polysomnography device for hospital and home diagnostics


AirView for ApneaLink Air

Instant online access to patients’ screening information in the secure AirView server, a cloud-based solution for patient management

EasyCare Tx 2

Titration software for Air11 therapy devices


Analysis and reporting sleep software solution for the Nox A1 and T3s recording systems

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