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Analysis software for Nox devices

Noxturnal software offers analysis in scoring ambulatory sleep studies and in-lab online recordings with/or without video* using Nox recording systems. Noxturnal enhances the manual scoring and creates customised reports and calculation of report parameters. It gives depth to the data and offers flexibility in tailoring patient focused reports. It can also interface with hospital information systems to allow effective management of patient data.

Key Features

  • Noxturnal automatically analyses study data during download and immediately displays the recording results in a simple comprehensive view. When you have finished analysing the study, these results are automatically updated so you always have the updated data at your fingertips.
  • To simplify the scoring process for technicians and physicians and minimise the time needed for analysis, Noxturnal can automatically analyse recorded signals. You can customise and edit the automatic analysis protocols as necessary.
  • Thanks to a patent-pending algorithm, Noxturnal can turn good quality RIP signals into a calibrated RIP flow signal. The system can derive flow from your patient’s RIP belts and use it to complement the flow signal coming from their nasal cannula, or use it as a substitution if your patient cannot use a nasal cannula.
  • Noxturnal software offers a wide range of features, including AASM standard PSG recording, immediate recording results with automatic analysis, calibrated RIP technology, flow volume loops, and new Pleth waveform analysis. The workspace, reporting framework and statistical fields can be customised and centralised settings can be set up for multi-user environments.
  • Get a more accurate AHI with the Nox BodySleep algorithm which uses the signals derived from the Nox T3s.
  • Noxturnal’s reporting system is designed to resemble familiar word-processing packages, so it’s easier for you to create, edit and customise your sleep reports. You can also create custom statistical fields for increased flexibility.
  • The Noxturnal App offers bedside control with bio-calibration, impedance checks, reviewing signal quality, and viewing of live traces for the Nox A1s.


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Noxturnal provides analysis and reporting for the Nox T3s (polygraphy device) and the Nox A1s (polysomnography device), both dedicated to sleep studies.

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*in-lab online recording with video is only possible with Nox A1s (not available with Nox T3s)

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