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Covid-19 NV Masks resources

Understanding which ventilation technique is appropriate for each patient can help improve patient condition. You find instruction manual, quick set up guides and much more.

Covid-19, guidelines and best practice recommendations

This content is intended for home care professionals, clinicians and physicians. If you are a patient, please reach out to your provider or primary care physician for any questions.

Non-vented masks for non-invasive ventilation therapy

ResMed’s non-vented (NV) masks for non-invasive ventilation (NIV) are designed to deliver reliable, stable breathing support and maintain patient comfort. Our range of non-vented masks includes options for both home and hospital. Whether you need to respond rapidly to acute health problems or deliver comfortable, long-term care to patients who use ventilators or have chronic conditions, ResMed has a non-vented mask to meet your needs.

AirFit F20 non-vented
An easy-fit, adaptable non-vented full face mask that seals under high pressure


User Guide
Product Guide


Quattro FX non-vented
An effective option for non-invasive ventilation


User Guide


Ultra Mirage non-vented full face
For long-term ventilation treatment at home or in hospital


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Quattro Air non-vented
ResMed’s lightest non-vented full face mask


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Hospital masks for respiratory therapy

Discover ResMed’s range of hospital masks and patient interfaces. Suitable for non-invasive ventilation and disordered-breathing therapies, our range includes vented and non-vented full face and nasal masks, a high flow nasal cannula and disposable patient interfaces for the hospital. These solutions cater for a range of users and therapy needs, helping medical teams to rapidly deliver respiratory support to patients throughout their hospital stay.

AcuCare F1-0
Hospital non-vented full face mask


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Please, refer to the user guide. If necessary, the mask may be cleaned by wiping with a clean cloth and water or 70% v/v isopropyl alcohol. Do not disassemble the mask.

The Acucare F1-0 mask is a disposable device, intended for short-term treatment (up to 7 days) of a single patient, in the hospital environment only.

Ventilation machines

Non-invasive ventilation therapy device for non-dependent patients

Non-invasive ventilation therapy device with invasive capabilities for non-dependent patients

Invasive and non-invasive ventilation therapy device for less dependent to fully dependent patients.