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Sleep apnoea resources for patients

Our free ebooks are designed to help your patients understand sleep apnoea and snoring better. They cover diagnosis, treatment, equipment and travel, along with tips for a more comfortable therapy experience.

Share this guide with your patients to help them understand good quality sleep, how to get it and common sleep problems they may experience.

A guide to help patients learn more about sleep apnoea, its diagnosis and treatment. and the benefits of sleep apnoea therapy.

An essential patient guide to starting sleep apnoea therapy. Whether they’re using MAD, CPAP or dealing with diagnosis, they can access useful information wherever and whenever they need it.

Positive CPAP therapy habits could make your patients more adherent: this guide covers comfort, cleaning and troubleshooting to support CPAP users towards long-term therapy success.

Travelling with PAP can be daunting. Support patients to stick to sleep apnoea therapy while away from home with tips for a well-rested trip with CPAP.

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