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Accessories for ventilators

 ResMed offers a range of accessories for our respiratory care machines.


Our humidification accessories will help to keep your patient’s humidifier in good working condition. Humidification helps protect patients from nasal congestion, a dry mouth and other symptoms during therapy.

Heated humidifier designed to moisten the air delivered to airway with Stellar devices

Product code: 26942

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Tubing is the link between your patient’s mask and their machine. Our tubing accessories include heated tubes designed to protect against rainout and lightweight, flexible tubes for light sleepers, so your patient can fine-tune their therapy for their comfort.

Standard tubing wrap
Intended to promote heat retention along the air tube during CPAP therapy, in order to support comfort and limit the effects of rainout

Product codes:
33963 (for standard tubing)
36811 (for SlimLine tubing)

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Small diameter air tube, very light and flexible and designed to virtually eliminate tube drag

Product code: 36810

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Power supplies

Our accessories are designed to give your patient freedom, flexibility and peace of mind. Whether they want to travel light, run their device from a battery, or just need a spare, we have a power supply option that works.

Astral DC/DC Adapter
The ResMed DC/DC Adapter provides an additional method of operating an Astral™ 100 or Astral 150 Ventilation device where AC mains power is not available.

Product code: 27925

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ResMed power station II
An external lithium-ion battery for ResMed sleep therapy devices or ventilators

Product code: 24921

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Astral external battery
An external lithium-ion battery intended for hospital and home use with the Astral series of ventilators

Product code: 27918

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Our travel accessories enable your patient to continue their treatment while they’re on the move. The travel bags for our sleep therapy devices and ventilators combine protection and easy access in a robust, well-designed format.


Circuit support arm
Holds ventilation circuits and mouthpieces securely in a convenient position for patients using an Astral ventilator

Product code: 27955

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Astral mobility bags
Designed to allow mobile use of the Astral ventilator

Product codes:
27917 (Astral mobility bag)
27949 (Astral SlimFit mobility bag)

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Stellar mobility bag
Intended for mobile use of the Stellar, fixed to a wheelchair or carried on a shoulder

Product code: 24977

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Monitoring tools and remote alarms

ResMed’s monitoring tools and remote alarms have been created with the health and safety of your patients in mind. They provide an extra layer of information about treatment quality as well as the reassurance that issues can be detected rapidly.

Remote alarm II and hospital alarm system cable
Enables the use of Stellar and Astral ventilator systems in both the hospital and home for patients who need closer monitoring

Product code: 27902

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Our highly functional trolleys have a range of useful features, such as lockable wheels and storage baskets. They are a good solution for moving your patient’s ventilator easily, smoothly and efficiently around a clinical or homecare environment.

Hospital trolley
The ResMed Hospital Trolley is designed to hold and move compatible ResMed ventilators and accessories between points of therapy in the hospital environment and limited care facility environments.

Product codes:
Hospital trolley (includes base plate) 27914
Hospital trolley storage bin 27929
Hospital trolley cylinder mount 27930
Hospital trolley power strip – EU 27932
Hospital trolley power strip – UK 27934

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Homecare stand
A portable, space-saving solution for the hospital or home that protects against everyday hazards with added mobility and convenience

Product codes:
27963 (Homecare stand without interface)
27956 (Astral top plate with stand interface)
27948 (IV pole kit: IV pole & crossbar)
24917 (Circuit support arm for IV pole kit)

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