Build your patients’ sleep apnoea therapy skills and confidence with the myAir™ app.

Help your patient to start sleep therapy easily, deepen their understanding of their own therapy and gain the motivation necessary to adhere to treatment over the first 90 days1 thanks to the myAir coaching app.

Why should you encourage myAir adoption?

The first three months of CPAP therapy can be challenging for patients. Using myAir increases initial sleep therapy adherence in the first 90 days. In fact, it enables 76% of users to achieve an average CPAP adherence of more than 4 hours per night2.

With myAir, patients are empowered to understand their therapy, enabled to find information on their own and encouraged to achieve initial compliance2.

Anytime access to personalised therapy support

myAir puts useful information at your patients’ fingertips, anytime, anywhere. It provides:

  • daily sleep score that details how well their therapy went that night and lets them track their progress.
  • tailored coaching tips and how-to videos to help them troubleshoot common issues independently.
  • motivational messages to encourage them to stay engaged over the long term.

Connectivity that works for you and your patients

Rapid access to data and remote monitoring through AirViewTM, ResMed’s patient monitoring system, enables you to track your patients’ progress and quickly identify and resolve issues from your office.

Combined monitoring with AirView and myAir helps patients to achieve good PAP therapy adherence.

Rose, Andy and Anthony share their experiences of using myAir

These testimonials are genuine and documented accounts of the individual’s response to treatment. Outcomes and results may vary, and this individual’s response does not provide any indication, warranty or guarantee that other people will have the same or a similar experience.

“myAir tells me what I need to know about my therapy” – myAir keeps Rose up to date and on track with her sleep therapy.

“myAir brought me back to life and us back together” – Simple to use and good results: Andy tells his myAir story.

“MyAir has changed my life for better” – Exhausted to energised: Paul’s life changing experience with ASV therapy.

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Please refer to myAir support and the user guide for relevant information related to any warnings and precautions to be considered before and during use of the product.


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