Patient management for SDB

Getting patients to commit to sleep apnoea treatment over the long term can be a challenge. ResMed breaks down barriers to therapy with its engaging connected monitoring solutions and comfortable, user-friendly devices. Encourage long-term adherence by enabling your patients to experience the benefits of our motivating, multi-faceted approach.   

More about long-term adherence to treatment

ResMed connected solutions enable pro-active monitoring by healthcare professionals and result in more responsible patients who are involved and interested in their sleep apnoea therapy.

Patient adherence is a major challenge for sleep apnea therapy. Replacing your patients’ equipment is critical to helping them find success in their therapy. 

Help sleep apnoea patients to engage with their therapy and achieve therapy adherence over the first 90 days with personalised support from the myAir app.

It’s reassuring for patients who have been diagnosed with a sleep or breathing condition to know that they’re not alone. They’ll be encouraged to hear what these patients had to say about their treatment journeys – from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.