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Nasal masks for CPAP therapy and ventilation machines

Nasal masks are a compact option which sit either under or over the nose. ResMed nasal masks offer you a clear field of vision and are available in our Minimalist, Freedom and Versatile Fit mask categories

Which nasal CPAP mask should I choose?

Using our Versatile Fit, Freedom and Minimalist CPAP mask categories, you can find a nasal mask which corresponds logically to your sleep habits and preferences, helping you make the right choice more easily.

AirFit N30 minimalist mask
AirFit N30i freedom mask
AirFit N20 versatile fit mask

Can’t find the product you’re looking for?

It might have been discontinued. Please visit our user guides and technical documents page to access additional information.


Discover other types of masks and accessories for your sleep and respiratory therapy

Experience the openness and freedom of nasal pillows masks. Lightweight, unobtrusive and designed to keep your field of vision clear, this type of sleep apnoea mask fits snugly and comfortably.


Full face masks cover more of your face to accommodate people who mostly breathe through their mouths. ResMed’s full face masks offer a minimal design, and are designed to be lightweight and non-intrusive.


Sleep apnoea products can wear out over time. It’s important to replace your mask and supplies on a regular basis to ensure that you’re receiving the most comfortable, effective and hygienic therapy possible.