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Paediatric nasal mask

Mask for children aged two to seven. The Pixi paediatric mask is specially designed to fit well and feel comfortable. A wide range of comfort and safety features provide peace of mind and help create a positive therapy experience for your child.

Key features

    • Child Friendly. Special headgear design sits away from the child’s eyes and ears to reduce irritation and provide a clear line of sight, helping ease discomfort and feelings of claustrophobia.
    • Soft. The Pixi’s thin silicone cushion is soft and comfortable to minimise pressure on soft faces without compromising seal or therapy effectiveness.
    • Safe. An emergency latch allows for quick removal if necessary, and makes it easy to take off.
    • Adjustable. Two tubing attachment locations accommodate different sleeping positions and a Spring-flex lightweight tube that stretches and bends easily, so it won’t get caught or drag as your child moves around during sleep.

How to buy

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