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User guides & technical documents for patients

Click on the links below to access user guides and device compatibility information for your product. If you are a healthcare professional, please visit this page for user guides and additional documentation.

Mask/Device compatibility list

AirFit F20: User guide | Sizing guide

AirFit F30: User guideSizing guide

AirFit F30i: User guideSizing guide

AirTouch F20: User guideSizing guide

AirFit F20 Non-vented (NV): User guide

AirFit F10: User guide

Mirage Quattro: User guide

Quattro Air: User guide

Quattro FX: User guide

Mask/Device compatibility list

AirFit N20: User guideSizing guide

AirFit N20 Classic: User guideSizing guide

AirFit N30: User guideSizing guide

AirFit N30 for AirMini: User guide

AirFit N30i: User guideSizing guide

AirTouch N20: User guideSizing guide

Mirage Activa LT: User guide

Mirage FX: User guide

Mirage Micro: User guide

Swift FX Nano: User guide

Ultra Mirage II: User guide

AirFit N10: User guide

Mask/Device compatibility list

AirFit P10: User guide

AirFit P10 for AirMini: User guide

AirFit P30i: User guideSizing guide

Swift FX: User guide

Swift FX Bella: User guide

Swift FX Bella Gray: User guide

Swift LT: User guide

Mirage Swift II: User guide

CPAP mask cleansing wipes: Label

Chin restraint: User guide

Gecko nasal pad: User guide


Air11 side cover: User guide

HumidAir 11 heated humidifier: User guide

HumidX F20: User guide

HumidAir heated humidifier: User guide

H4i heated humidifier: User guide

H5i cleanable water tub: User guide


Air11 air outlet: User guide

ClimateLineAir 11 heated tub: User guide

Astral accessories compatibility list

ClimateLineAir heated air tubing: User guide

ClimateLine / ClimateLineMAX  / ClimateLineMAX Oxy air tubing: User guide

SlimLine air tubing: Insert

Standard air tubing: User guide

ClimateLineAir Oxy heated air tubing: User guide

SlimLine tubing wrap / Standard tubing wrap: User guide

Power supplies

Power supply unit/Device compatibility list

Battery/Device compatibility list

Air11 PSU 65W: User guide

Air10 90w power supply: User guide

ResMed Power Station II: User guide

Astral external battery: User guide

Air10 / Lumis / S9 DC/DC Converter 90w: User guide

Astral DC/DC adapter: User guide

AirMini DC/DC converter 65W: User guide


Air11 travel bag: User guide

Stellar mobility bag: User guide

Astral mobility bag: User guide

Mouthpiece ventilation support arm: User guide

Monitoring tools and remote alarms

Remote alarm II & hospital alarm system cable: User guide


AirMini mount system: User guide

Homecare stand: User guide


Air11 standard filters: User guide

Standard Air filters: User guide

Hypoallergenic Air filters: User guide

Hypoallergenic Air filters for AirMini: User guide


Air10 / S9 Oximeter adapter: User guide

myAir app: User guide

AirMini app: Release note

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