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All about snoring

If you snore – especially if you snore loudly – you know how disruptive it can be. You might be embarrassed to fall asleep when you travel or stay with friends. Maybe your partner complains about your snoring and banishes you to the spare room or the sofa. In fact, 95% of snorers say that their snoring bothers their partner.1 

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for help: at ResMed, we’re experts in treating sleep-related breathing issues, including problem snoring.

Almost 40% of men snore loudly and often, but they’re not alone. 30% of women snore, too.2

Snoring is a common problem that affects around a third of adults.2
But what happens when we snore?
And why does it matter?

Dozens of products claim to treat snoring.
Our Narval dental device is a clinically proven solution that prevents loud snoring in 89% of patients who use it.3 Narval is thin, light and discreet. It’s also custom-made to fit in your mouth, so it’s comfortable to wear.

Your lifestyle could be making you snore. Here are our recommendations for little changes that could help you enjoy a better (and quieter) night’s sleep.

All about sleep, snoring and sleep disorders

Would you like to enjoy better sleep? Are you bothered by problem snoring? This free ebook is packed with information to help you understand sleep, snoring and sleep disorders. It’s designed to give you the information you need to take effective action.

Sleep, snoring and sleep disorders
Sleep, snoring and sleep disorders
Are you getting enough sleep?
7 tips to sleep better


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