How has monitoring their therapy with myAir helped them stay on track?

Feel confident with the right information with myAir

For Rose, myAir makes the difference. Accessing daily sleep data and advice makes sleep apnoea treatment easier and helps her to feel confident.

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Motivated to make improvements

Every day, Anthony feels the benefits of his nightly CPAP therapy. Every morning, he sees how the treatment is working when he checks his stats on myAir.


Energy all day, every day

Paul had always felt tired. With effective therapy for obstructive and central sleep apnoea, he now has the energy to enjoy his life and relationships.


Sleeping constantly but still tired?

Before he was diagnosed, Andy slept constantly but still felt tired. Hear him talk about the benefits of CPAP therapy and easy, user-friendly myAir monitoring.

CPAP therapy has improved their daytime energy, quality of life, personal relationships and more.