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Real people. Real CPAP stories.

Does CPAP therapy work? Is it effective? Are you worried CPAP might be uncomfortable? Are you curious to know what benefits therapy really brings? Take a look at these real-life patient stories and discover the reality of CPAP therapy for sleep apnoea.

Watch patients' testimonials and their journey with sleep apnoea therapy

How has CPAP therapy improved their quality of life?

How has monitoring their therapy with myAir helped them stay on track?

What’s your CPAP story?

Whatever your story, share it with people who really understand. Want to share your patient journey with us?


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Is my sleep apnoea therapy working? Am I still having apnoeas? Monitor your CPAP therapy and get personalised advice and assistance on making the most of your therapy with the myAir app.


If you’ve recently been diagnosed, you might have some questions or concerns or just want some friendly advice. We’re here to help you get your CPAP therapy off to a successful, comfortable start.