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Enhanced patient management4 with AirView

With the wrong therapy mode, setting or mask, your patients could be at risk of quitting. AirView delivers relevant data to help you identify when to adjust treatment.3

  • Care Check-In data: an initial warning system based on the patient’s subjective feedback
  • Remote clinical insights: allow you to identify complex cases, like potential candidates for adaptive-servo ventilation* or bi-level PAP treatment
  • Remote Assist: care partners can deal with technical issues themselves before seeking your clinical expertise
  • Secure data: data is securely and ethically stored throughout the patient journey**


ResMed was the first company to build cellular connectivity into each of our CPAP devices. We’re now a global leader in daily remote patient monitoring1, with more than 15 million cloud-connectable devices in our network. And that number is growing every day.

Ethical, data-driven care

Data insights drive ResMed’s product innovation. By choosing ResMed, you’re partnering with a company whose priority is to develop life-changing solutions through ethical means. We take a robust and transparent approach to the collection and storage of sensitive data. Our processes are backed by independently-audited certifications and the fulfilment of legally required regulations, like MDR and GDPR.