PC-based clinical analysis and patient data management software

ResScan offers high-resolution data of therapy metrics, tracks trends and delivers easy-to-read statistics. It is designed to facilitates clinical analysis and insight to improve therapy, enhance efficacy and support long-term compliance.

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Other features

  • Customise report templates to show the information you want, how you want it. You can save and email reports from within the software and flag patient follow-ups on the Start screen.
  • Use the compliance reporting feature to quickly evaluate a patient’s status. 30-day compliance reporting provides clear and easy documentation for reimbursement by payor and referral sources.
  • Analyse and evaluate treatment for more complex patient cases by reviewing detailed breath-by-breath across a large range of clinical metrics.
  • Choose from three levels of data depending on your patients’ needs: Summary (view trends up to 365 nights); Detailed (view breath-by-breath therapy data up to 30 nights); High Resolution (view research-quality flow data up to seven nights).
  • Change device therapy settings for any non-life support device.
  • View critical device alarms, alerts and events.
  • View nightly oximetry data on therapy devices.
  • Server/enterprise friendly.

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