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TxLink™ 2 and EasyCare Tx 2

Titration solution for remote control

The TxLink 2 network device provides connectivity between EasyCare Tx 2 PC software, an Air11™ therapy device and a connected polysomnograph (PSG) during titration.

Product codes: TxLink 2 (22402), TxLink 2 PAP device cable (22421), Cable – USB type 1 to B (2.0 m) 22422, Air11 90W PSU Eur (39212)

TxLink 2 for data transmission

TxLink 2 relays real-time signals measured by an Air11 therapy device to a connected PSG integrated via off-the-shelf analogue cables or via digital integration*.

Real-time signals: it enables the real-time relay of therapy data and therapy control between an Air11 therapy device and EasyCare Tx 2.

Analog outputs: it offers 6 DC output channels to enable therapy device signals to be relayed to a connected PSG.

EasyCare Tx 2 for therapy control

Designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, EasyCare Tx 2 is a PC software that provides remote control of an Air11 therapy device via the TxLink 2.

Effective solution: it provides a streamlined solution by combining the setup, administration and titration control into one application.

Multiple management: through the Connection Manager functionality, it is possible to manage multiple TxLink 2 devices with EasyCare Tx 2.

Customisation: it allows you to customise the therapy control and real-time data display to your preferences.

Download EasyCare Tx 2 software

You are accessing a protected software which only a healthcare professional with proper access level can download.



Any Air11 therapy device is compatible with TxLink 2 and EasyCare Tx 2. TxLink 2 and EasyCare Tx 2 are not compatible with Air10 devices.

EasyCare Tx 2 works on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The TxLink 2 PAP Device Cable is able to both power the connected Air11 device (via the TxLink 2) and also send and receive data.

The TxLink 2 provides transmission via off-the-shelf analogue cables or via digital integration*.

Please refer to the user guides for relevant information related to any warnings and precautions to be considered before and during use of the product.

* Digital integration is only available for specific PSG devices.