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AirSense 11


Start right, stay right

The AirSense 11 device, combined with the myAir app and a ResMed mask, is a complete system that’s packed with personalised support and guidance features. It’s designed to help you enjoy a confident start1 to PAP therapy and establish positive habits for the long term.


Starting therapy

You need

User-friendly equipment
A gentle introduction to therapy
Useful information and reminders

Our solutions

Our complete therapy ecosystem is designed to offer you step-by-step guidance at every stage in your PAP journey, starting from the moment you open the box. A user-friendly AirSense 11 device, paired with the myAir app and ResMed mask, could offer you a positive start to therapy.

AirSense 11 provides guided support

Personal Therapy Assistant within myAir

Personal Therapy Assistant (PTA) is an exclusive myAir feature for AirSense 11. It helps you start therapy on the right foot and accompanies you throughout your PAP therapy journey. Key benefits include:

  • Setup assistance: step-by-step videos to help you set up your device correctly
  • Mask fitting assistance: video guidance to help you fit your mask and advice to help you resolve leaks
  • Test drive: a confidence-building feature1 that lets you gradually test different levels of pressure, before your first therapy session

User-friendly by design

The AirSense 11 ecosystem is designed to be easy to operate. Features that you might appreciate include:

  • A sleek touchscreen that provides straightforward access to PAP therapy at bedtime
  • A straightforward app that’s packed with useful advice and support features and is easy to pair with your device by Bluetooth
  • A range of masks that are designed to let you sleep your way


Settling into therapy

You need

Practical solutions
Comfortable therapy
Solutions to connect to your care team

Our solutions

The AirSense 11 ecosystem is designed to help you establish positive sleep apnoea therapy habits, tackle challenges, and access the full potential of PAP therapy.

AirSense 11 helps you own your experience

Personalised therapy coaching with myAir app

Your connected AirSense 11 device and myAir app come with built-in coaching systems, troubleshooting advice and how-to videos. Instead of needing to contact your care team for help with minor issues, you’re empowered to take action. myAir features include:

  • A daily score that helps you understand your therapy and see where you could make improvements
  • Tailored coaching tips so you can troubleshoot common issues such as leaks
  • Motivational messages to help you stay engaged over the long term
myair-app-screens-coaching-for-cpap-patients 650

An integrated system for sharing feedback

Sometimes you don’t feel you need a formal healthcare appointment, but you would like some advice or reassurance. Care Check-In is an AirSense 11 feature that asks you to share feedback on your therapy experience. It’s a useful way to keep your care team in the loop. Here’s how it works:

  • You answer Care Check-In questions that appear on your device and in the myAir app
  • You receive suggestions that should help you to resolve any simple issues that you’re experiencing
  • Your care team sees your Care Check-In responses
  • Your care team has a clearer picture of how you’re getting on and, if necessary, can provide support
myair-app-screens-with-care-check-in-for-cpap-patients 650 myair-app-screens-with-care-check-in-for-cpap-patients


Staying on therapy

You need

Good quality care over the long term
Confidence your treatment is working
Access to technology upgrades

Our solutions

With AirSense 11, you can feel confident about the quality of your PAP device. Over-the-air software upgrades will give you access to the latest ResMed advances in sleep apnoea therapy technology. And if you change your mask, your AirSense 11 and Personal Therapy Assistant will help you to adapt.

AirSense 11 makes it easy to stay on track

Proven algorithms and trusted features

It isn’t always easy to stick with a nightly PAP routine through the ups and downs of everyday life. So it helps if your PAP therapy is comfortable and customised to your needs. AirSense 11 features include:

  • Advanced algorithms, including the ‘for Her’ algorithm which provides a tailored response to the specific needs of women with obstructive sleep apnoea.
  • AutoRamp, which starts your therapy at a low pressure to help you fall asleep more naturally.
  • The EPR feature, which gently reduces the therapy pressure when you exhale so it’s easier for you to breathe out.

Easy access to future care innovations

When you’re enjoying the benefits of PAP therapy, it’s natural to want the latest PAP technology. With AirSense 11, your device can receive remote software upgrades and improvements. Technology features include:

  • Over-the-Air Upgrade, so your AirSense 11 device can receive software upgrades when new features are released
  • Built-in device diagnostics to ensure the noise levels of your device’s motor meet our quality standards.*

myAir users sleep more each night

Cut-outs of three mobile phones, all showing different screens from the ResMed myAir app.

If you use myAir**, you could get 46 minutes more sleep per night2 on average than other CPAP users. The myAir app is available for download in the App Store® or on Google Play™.

Please refer to the user guide for relevant information related to any warnings and precautions to be considered before and during use of the product.


* The device diagnostic feature analyses brief acoustic samples from the motor and turbine to verify that device noise levels meet our quality standards. The device diagnostic feature does not capture ambient noise from the room and all data is converted to anonymised numerical code prior to transmission.
** myAir is not available in all countries. Some features of myAir are only available in the myAir app.

  1. ResMed Air11 survey of 146 patients, conducted from 28 June to 29 July 2021. Q19: 62% of patients reported that they felt confident about starting PAP therapy after being set up on AirSense 11, N=119 respondents. Q10: 63% of patients said that PTA gave them confidence to set up their PAP machine correctly, N=49 respondents. Data on file; ID A5043180.
  2. Price Waterhouse Coopers. Empowering the sleep apnoea patient. A ResMed sponsored study of how myAir users behave better. 2016