Adjust settings remotely to support comfort, compliance and quality of life

AirView: remote settings change


Support patient comfort and compliance1 by adjusting device settings remotely.*


What’s the problem?

When patients and their caregivers experience issues with their device, they may struggle to adapt to initial or long-term therapy. This can have a negative impact on the patient’s comfort, compliance, quality of life and general health.


What does the remote settings change feature in AirView do?*

With remote settings change, you can address therapy or device issues by adjusting settings on your patient’s Lumis ventilator to maintain parameters that match their changing condition for a positive experience and compliance with therapy.

How does it work?

  1. Adjust settings on the Prescription tab in AirView. These updated device settings are then sent automatically to your patient’s Lumis ventilator.
  2. Therapy modes and settings** that can be adjusted remotely include pressures, respiratory rate, ramp enable and ramp time, minimum and maximum inspiration times, and rise time, trigger and cycle sensitivities. In iVAPS mode, you can remotely adjust pressure limits, target patient breath rate, target alveolar ventilation and patient height. The choice of settings may vary depending on the mode selected.

Download the AirView remote settings change card

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Managing your ventilated patients

*The Remote Settings Changes feature is included in Essential, Advanced and Expert packages. It is available on ResMed sleep devices and Lumis ventilators.

** AirView is not intended for remote titration. Consult a physician for any changes you make to therapy settings that modify an existing prescription.

  1. Cistulli PA, Armitstead J, Pepin J-L, Woehrle H, Nunez CM, Benjafield A, Malhotra A. Short-term CPAP adherence in obstructive sleep apnoea: a big data analysis using real world data. Sleep Medicine 2019 59 (114-116). Objective ID: B170646

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