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Your ventilated patients are coping with challenging diagnoses, life-limiting conditions or exacerbations that may lead to hospital admission. Problems with their device or mask could affect their quality of life and their acceptance of and compliance with therapy.

With a deeper understanding of our device technologies, modes and algorithms, you’ll be better placed to deliver setup and titration that supports effective, comfortable therapy for your patients over the long term. Discover how ResMed’s solutions could help.

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*Only available in iVAPS mode. iVAPS mode is available in Lumis 150 ST, Lumis 150 ST-A, Stellar 150 and all Astral variants. iVAPS therapy mode is indicated for patient weighing 30kg and above.

**Only available for Astral series and when using the following pressure modes: P(A)CV, PS, S(T) and PAC.

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Please refer to the user and clinical guides for relevant information related to any contraindications, warnings and precautions to be considered before and during use of the products.

Content last updated: 04/2024