Use customisable rules, thresholds and notifications to monitor your patients

AirView: patient population management


Automatically tracking changes in your patients’ clinical condition with customisable rules, thresholds, filters, dashboards and notifications.


What’s the problem?

When organisations structure their follow-up care around scheduled appointments, there’s a risk of disease progression, exacerbations and equipment issues going unnoticed and unmanaged in the meantime.


What does the management-by-exception feature in AirView do?

The management-by-exception function in AirView* automatically tracks changes in your patients’ clinical condition with customisable rules and thresholds and notifies you of patients who need immediate attention. This approach is intended to help you maintain care quality and help patients to avoid hospital admissions and the cost and inconvenience of unnecessary appointments.

How does it work?


Management by exception allows you to quickly identify changes in your patients’ therapy metrics. Based on the parameters you choose for each patient, a dashboard overview highlights those who require your attention, while a notification system rapidly alerts you to individual changes.

  • Personalise the therapy parameter rules to track changes and detect deviations from usual clinical values and receive notifications for each patient.
  • Notifications can be turned on or off and adjusted over time according to changes in the patient’s condition.
  • Set up a threshold notification to receive an alert if your patient falls outside the configured value for a pre-set number of days in a row.
  • Set notifications that will detect any consecutive, multi-day deviation from the median value of the last 90 days of therapy for certain clinical metrics, including respiratory rate and minute ventilation. To understand what triggered a notification, you can review the patient’s data in detail on the therapy data overview screen.
  • View all of the patients who require attention for an issue related to a given metric with ease, as notifications are automatically grouped according to therapy metrics.
  • You can also filter your patients by patient profile, location, clinical user, device type, age, days on therapy and data access, or by typing the patient’s name, ID number or serial number in the search bar.
  • Mark a patient as ‘reviewed’ to remove their name from the notification list. The dashboard overview will then display only those patients who still require attention. The patient’s name will reappear if a new notification is triggered.

Download the AirView patient population management card

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Managing your ventilated patients

*The management-by-exception feature is included in the Expert package. It is available on ResMed ventilation devices only

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Update: 03/2024