Intelligent individual temperature and humidity control for therapy comfort

Climate Control


Ensuring comfortable humidity and temperature levels.


What’s the problem?

Rainout, cold air and dryness in your patient’s nose or mouth can cause discomfort and compromise therapy adherence.


What does Climate Control do?

Climate Control is designed to ensure that patients receive air at a consistent, comfortable humidity and temperature and reduce the risk of rainout.


How does it work?

This intelligent system controls the humidifier and ClimateLineAir heated tubing of Lumis devices.*

  1. In Auto mode (recommended), Climate Control automatically adjusts temperature and humidity levels to suit your patient, even when there are changes in ambient room temperature and humidity or variations in flow caused by pressure changes, mask leak or mouth leak.
    Temperature and humidity are pre-set at 27°C and 85% relative humidity to protect against rainout. Auto mode enables your patient to access comfortable humidification at the touch of a button and to adjust the tube temperature between 16-30°C if the pre-set level is too warm or too cold.
  1. In Manual mode, Climate Control gives your patient more flexibility to control the comfort of their therapeutic experience. The tube temperature and humidity level can be set independently and both elements can be turned off completely. The tube temperature can be adjusted to between 16°C and 30°C and the humidity level can be set between 1 (low) and 8 (high).

Download the Climate Control card

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Managing your ventilated patients

*Climate Control is only available when ClimateLineAir tubing and a HumidAir humidifier are attached to the device.

This content is intended for health professionals only. Please refer to the user and clinical guides for relevant information related to any contraindications, warnings and precautions to be considered before and during use of the products.

Update: 03/2024