Mask Fit


Fine-tuning your patient’s mask fit



What’s the problem?

A poorly fitting mask can result in unintentional leaks that undermine therapy efficacy.


What does Mask Fit do?

ResMed’s mask fit* feature helps you to fine-tune your patient’s mask fit before therapy even begins.


How does it work?

When the mask fit feature is activated, the device delivers the patient’s target CPAP/EPAP pressure or 10cm H20, whichever is greater, for three minutes. This gives you an opportunity to check and adjust the patient’s mask fit* in realistic conditions and lays a solid foundation for successful NIV therapy.

The mask fit feature can be used by your patients in line with clinical advice, empowering them to detect and manage mask leaks independently.


Download the Mask Fit card

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Managing your ventilated patients

* Available in Lumis and Stellar devices only

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