Ramp and Ramp Down


Easing your patient into therapy


What’s the problem?

Starting therapy at a high pressure can feel intense and overwhelming, especially for patients who start their therapy at bedtime and need to fall asleep.
Ending therapy with an abrupt shift to spontaneous breathing can also feel uncomfortable and unnerving for them.


What does Ramp and Ramp Down do?

The Ramp* function gently eases your patient into therapy. It starts at a low pressure and gradually increases until it reaches the prescribed therapy pressure. At the end of a session, patients can activate the Ramp Down* feature to gently ease into spontaneous breathing.


How do they work?

  1. Ramp* gradually increases the pressure from Start EPAP until the prescribed treatment pressure is reached. The initial EPAP and time period can be customised.
  2. Ramp Down* eases your patient into spontaneous breathing by gradually reducing the therapeutic pressure until Start EPAP is reached. Stellar decreases the pressure over a fixed 5-minute period, then stops. Lumis decreases the pressure over a fixed 15-minute period, then continues in CPAP mode at Start EPAP

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Managing your ventilated patients

*Available in Lumis and Stellar devices only

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