Use Safety Volume to respond automatically to unexpected events

Safety volume


Providing volume assurance to pressure modes.

What’s the problem?

Secretions, changing conditions and other events can reduce the volume of air that reaches the patient’s lungs. This can compromise the quality of their ventilation.


What does Safety Volume do?

ResMed’s optional Safety Volume (SVt)* provides volume assurance to pressure modes and automatically adjusts pressure within predefined limits to deliver a target volume. This adaptive control mechanism combines the advantages of pressure-targeted ventilation with the assurance of a volume target.


How does it work?

  • Safety volume feature can be switched on when using specific pressure modes to offer a volume guarantee with every patient breath.
  • A target Safety Volume (Safety Vt) can be set; the respective pressure value then adjusts automatically to achieve the target.
  • When the Tidal volume delivered is below the target, the algorithm reacts by increasing the pressure by a maximum of 2cmH2O per breath in order to increase the tidal volume and meet the set target. The maximum inspiratory assistance is constrained by the set IPAP max, PS Max or P control max, depending on the mode.



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Managing your ventilated patients

*Only available for Astral series and when using the following pressure modes: P(A)CV, PS, S(T) and PAC.

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Update: 03/2024